Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Retreat to Thailand's bodyspirit healing resort and spa

Welcome to our unique retreat, spa resort. We are in the spiritual north east of Thailand, a magical place where you can wash away all your ills and be cured of almost anything. We are a none body pollution resort where your mind and body will be cleansed of all but purity. Some guests come to end addictions to alcohol and cigarettes, others come to meditate in the temples of the nearby forest/mountain monks or visit the lakeside nature monks. We also visit the nearby Mekong River where you will be granted wishes and be amazed at the temple of statues and the Gods mountain of stones. Floating down the great Mekong on a thatched raft, whilst eating lunch and watching Laos on the other bank. We are not a religious retreat and there are no weird humans here. We are guides who will help to steer you towards a better life. In fact we all help one another to find our way from darkness to light. We are all teachers and here you will learn and teach. We share our lives here and show our minds. it is our hope that we will soon become a community of mind sharers and teachers. We are new and just moving from the mist into the light, as we learn we will share and shape our lives together. You can come for a day or six months, some have already come to stay forever. We are English and Thai, Tony and Ning Craig. Welcome to our beautiful, safe and caring world.

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